100 Days Mentorship Program

100 Days Mentorship Program: Your Path to Trading Success

Welcome to ProfitMaster.in, where we regularly conduct classes both online and offline. Our flagship program, the 100 Days Mentorship, provides students with comprehensive training under the guidance of an experienced mentor. Spanning nearly four months, this program takes students from the very basics to advanced trading strategies. By June 2024, we have successfully trained over 600 students, many of whom have gone on to become professional and successful traders.

Our curriculum covers a wide range of topics, from the nuances of the stock market to advanced strategies such as demand and supply analysis, hedging, portfolio building, stock identification, business plan preparation, intraday to long-term strategies, and exit mechanisms. All these topics are meticulously taught by our dedicated mentors.

One of the unique features of ProfitMaster.in is the availability of a Senior Mentor who is just a phone call away to clarify any trading doubts. Our 100 Days Mentorship is widely recognized as the best platform to learn full-length technical analysis, paving your way to becoming a professional and successful trader.

Lead Mentor:

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Sri. Rajendra Prasad Maddineni leads our flagship 100 Days Mentorship program. With three decades of stock market experience, he began his career as a Jobber in the Hyderabad Stock Exchange. He studied technical analysis in the USA under John White, a renowned professional chartist. Throughout his career, he has completed numerous market-related courses and has trained thousands of students. His sound academic knowledge and trading expertise make him an invaluable asset to our students. His unique skillset in identifying stocks and developing strategies is a boon for those under his mentorship.

Sri. Rajendra Prasad Maddineni has also provided technical analysis training to students, banking professionals, and government servants across various platforms.

Join ProfitMaster.in and embark on your journey to financial literacy and trading success with the guidance of our expert mentors.