Fundamental Analysis Workshops

Fundamental Analysis Workshops: Your Path to Trading Success

Fundamental Analysis workshops by are a boon for the investor community among Telugu people worldwide. Identifying good stocks in both bull and bear markets is a rare skill, and our workshops are designed to impart this valuable knowledge with zero bias and an experiential approach, enabling students to learn how to pick quality stocks effectively.

Our core focus is not merely on stock picking or identifying multibaggers but on recognizing good businesses of the future with a clear vision. While gut feeling can sometimes lead to profits, it is the thoughtful decisions supported by data points and growth potential that yield sustainable success. In our fundamental analysis classes, students are taught to look beyond conventional ratios and understand businesses from a broader perspective.

Lead Mentor:


Thousands of people have benefited from these fundamental analysis classes, led by our esteemed mentor, Mr. Seshu Amperayani. With two decades of experience in financial markets, business management, and healthcare, Mr. Amperayani brings unparalleled expertise to our workshops.

Mr. Seshu Amperayani is a highly respected professional in the Telugu states, known for his numerous live shows on media channels discussing stock markets. His simple approach and colloquial language have earned him a dedicated following. Many investors have benefited from his forward-thinking ideas and insights.

Mr. Seshu Amperayani is one of the most sought-after analysts in the Telugu states, especially known for his extraordinary command over the healthcare and financial sectors. He also serves as the director of Aravinda Hospitals and Advanced Medical Care Services Limited, further demonstrating his leadership and expertise in these fields.

Join our Fundamental Analysis workshops to gain invaluable insights and become a discerning investor with the guidance of our expert mentor, Mr. Seshu Amperayani.